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The 8th session of the 3rd council of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce was held successfully. Chairman Wang Zhaocai was invited to attend the meeting

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     On August 6, the 8th Council of the 3rd Session of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce was successfully held in Century City Holiday Hotel. Mr. Wang Zhaocai, chairman of our company, attended the meeting as vice chairman unit. The meeting was presided over by Chen Shengying, honorary president and secretary general.20191021114759710

     At the meeting, sun Haipeng, deputy secretary general and director of the general office, made a summary of the work of the chamber in the first half of the year; Liu Zhongping, vice chairman and deputy director of the membership development committee, introduced the basic information of new members to the conference; Chen Shengying, honorary chairman and secretary general, made a specific explanation on the matters related to the renewal of the chamber; the conference reviewed and approved the implementation plan for the renewal of the chamber; 28 companies were reviewed and approved. New members of the chamber of Commerce held a licensing ceremony. At the meeting, the representatives of the new vice president and the new directors delivered their speeches.

     President Miao Shouming delivered a speech. First of all, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the directors for their strong support and extended warm welcome and congratulations to the new members today. President Miao identified the situation from the further unity of thought, and always maintained the enterprising spirit; further clarified the thinking, grasped the key points, and always maintained the healthy and sustainable development momentum; further strengthened the confidence, strengthened the responsibility, and always maintained the good style of seeking truth and pragmatism; further promoted the spirit of kindness of the Soviet businessmen, and always maintained the courage to take the responsibility and dedication. In the face of the work in the second half of the year, mobilization and deployment were carried out.

     Finally, the new era of innovation and development of the chamber of Commerce has come, and the goal of building a first-class chamber of Commerce has not yet been finally achieved. We need to work hard and take responsibility together without forgetting our original intention and mission.

20191021114759874Meeting in progress 

20191021114759434Group photo nostalgia  

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