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The new housing accumulation fund reforms reflect three major changes, please pay attention!

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Recently, the new housing accumulation fund reforms have been launched, showing flexibility and convenience in three aspects: simplifying procedures, expanding content, and network withdrawal. In addition, in addition to housing, the provident fund can solve the urgent needs in many aspects.

Some roads don't have to run

In Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, since April 1, 2018, employees have been required to provide housing accumulation fund withdrawal services. It is no longer necessary to provide an application for housing accumulation fund withdrawal. Other extraction conditions remain unchanged. The "Application for Housing Provident Funds" is also known as the "CPF Collection". The amount of the CPF withdrawal is required, and the relevant seal of the unit needs to be stamped.

In Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, citizens can complete the daily withdrawal of the provident fund with just a finger.

Take Beijing as an example. Before the end of this year, Beijing will handle the function of collecting provident fund through the network. It can be handled directly by individuals without going through the unit, and with the personal ID card, the company can complete the provident fund withdrawal business on the Internet without having to submit other Proof or material. Moreover, the public can check the balance of personal provident fund and loans through the "Beijing Provident Fund" APP, Alipay Life Number and WeChat public account "Beijing Provident Fund".

Some scenes can be used

The employees of the Harbin City Provident Fund will soon realize the monthly withdrawal of the provident fund to repay the commercial housing loan. After the data docking and system testing of the commercial lending institution and the provident fund center is completed, the city's provident fund paying employees only need to sign the "monthly withdrawal agreement for housing provident fund entrustment", which can realize the monthly automatic transfer of the provident fund to repay the commercial loan. Previously, only the provident fund loans were repaid on a monthly basis, and commercial loans could not be directly repaid.

In Gansu, where the provincial housing fund management center deposits employees, in accordance with the conditions of the cooperative bank's personal loan application, it can apply for unsecured and unsecured consumer credit loans up to a maximum of 300,000 yuan, with a maximum credit period of one year. This will not only solve the temporary capital needs of workers' shopping, tourism, children's schooling, medical care, but also solve the large-scale consumer demand for decoration and car purchase.

The Changsha Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee issued the “Regulations on the Establishment of Elevated Elevators for Existing Multi-storey Residential Buildings in Changsha City”. It is pointed out that if an elevator is occupied by the owner’s proprietary part, the owner’s consent should be sought in advance and the owner agrees with more than two-thirds. In the case, the housing provident fund can be withdrawn.

Some places can also brush your face.

In the eastern provinces of Zhejiang and the Qinghai provinces in the west, the “painting face” for the provident fund extraction business has begun to be promoted.

As long as the employees who pay the provident fund in the direct units of Zhejiang Province use the camera to carry out face recognition on the mobile phone side, they can handle the services such as no-room extraction, retirement withdrawal, and the city's own house purchase and withdrawal fund. The entire operation is only a few minutes, you can wait for the provident fund to arrive.

It is understood that Alipay's "brush face" authentication ability and security technology lay the foundation for the realization of this function, plus the Alipay real name registration, you can ensure that the user handles it. Alipay related technical experts said that the current face recognition technology has reached the financial level of accuracy and security, the accuracy rate of more than 99.6%. Combined with multi-factor verification such as eye pattern, the accuracy rate can reach 99.9%.

Xining City Housing Provident Fund Management Center in Qinghai Province, together with Alibaba's Ant Financial Service Company, launched the Alipay Provident Fund inquiry service in the five northwestern provinces. The city's depositors can use the mobile phone Alipay to authenticate their personal identity and quickly. Inquire about information such as deposit, withdrawal, and loan of a personal provident fund account.

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