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Group Announcement

Sichuan University Business School held the first new year's party! Sponsored by Mr. Wang Zhao Cai, chairman of the group, as the director of the class management committee

瀏覽:7715 作者: 來源: 時間:2020-01-09 分類:Group News

At 18:30-20:30 p.m. on January 4, 2020, under the friendly sponsorship of Mr. Wang Zhaocai, director of the class Advisory Committee and chairman of the group, Sichuan University Business School held the first new year's teachers and students' Friendship Exchange reception in the caimen residence, Tongzilin Road, Chengdu, at the 2019 spring new business entrepreneur advanced seminar (No. 32).

In addition to the whole class of the new business entrepreneurs class in spring 2019, the leaders and teachers specially invited to attend the exchange reception include: Professor Zhang Liming, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Sichuan University Business School and director of EDP center; Professor Pan Yifan, lecturer and senior partner of Peking University vertical and horizontal University; Yin changlie, executive deputy director of EDP center and head teacher of the class; Mou liangya, director of enrollment Department of EDP Center And Mr. Li Xiangli, course assistant.

First of all, on behalf of the whole class, the moderator expressed his heartfelt thanks to Chairman Wang Zhaocai, the host of the friendly sponsorship and careful arrangement of this exchange reception, and proposed that everyone give the warmest applause to Chairman Wang Zhaocai.


Then, the host introduced the guests specially invited to attend the exchange reception and invited them to make a new year's speech;


Then, chairman Wang Zhaocai, as the host, gave a warm welcome speech for the reception;


Later, under the proposal of chairman Wang Zhaocai, the students and guests all held up their glasses to greet each other, and the exchange reception officially opened. During the reception, while tasting delicious food, everyone raised their glasses frequently and exchanged with each other from time to time. The atmosphere was quite warm!


In addition, chairman Wang Zhaocai specially prepared a beautiful cake for the birthday students of this month. Everyone gave a thick birthday wish to the birthday students. When the students sang the anthem sung at the 10th anniversary celebration of the president's reunion again - holding their dreams, the atmosphere of the reception was pushed to the climax!


The reception ended in everyone's singing, and people who came to the meeting expressed their gratitude and gratitude to Mr. Wang Zhaocai, chairman of the board of directors. At the same time, they could not help but lament that this kind of gathering could not only enhance the friendship of students, but also learn useful experience from the exchanges with students, which is very meaningful.